We are dealing with ZigBee Tech since 2010.

  • Devices (HW): we bring to life devices as sensors, meters, actuators and gateways based on ZigBee technology, expanding their wireless potential.
  • Programs (SW): we are experienced developers of applications comunicating ZigBee based devices.
Examples: Remote sensoring for metrology uses (Spanish National Institute of Standards), Ilumination actuators for industrial applications, Sensoring, actuating and monitoring for hotel rooms electrical consumption.

        NEW - Products for large node number ZigBee Networks: application in Energy Efficiency.

We have real experience in deploying large node number ZigBee networks: more than 350 nodes in a single network.

We have developed Devices and Control Software for large node number applications. Read on our products capabilities and on our recent GoReal Succes case.

  • See our   brochure in ENERGY EFFICIENCY