TRITÓN Sistemas Experimentales has been operating since 2005.
We come from Research&Development groups in applied and experimental Physics, both academic and industrial.
From the early '90s we gained experience in different fields: cryogenics, STM, bio technology, industrial applications, etc, acquiring both the lab and the productive approaches.

This background enables our present international networking which we use either to contact our clients and providers as to keep our technical know-how up to date in a variety of fields: programming, industrial devices, scientific trends, technology a.s.o.

Our company brings together a goup of professionals, physicist and engineers, with wide experience in advanced high-tech devices for laboratories and research groups, as well as industry testbenches.

What we offer:

  • We work either as a Time&Material partner as well as in Risk projects in the R&D&I fields.
  • We develop Experimental Setups and Industrial Workbenches: devices, automation and software development on demand.
  • We help you in evolving your experimental systems.
  • We develop new instrumentation and components.

  • Contact:  

    Tf:+34 676 775 791 - Fax: +34 915 599 226

    Postal address  C/ Felipe Moratilla 2, B. 28008 MADRID - SPAIN

    E-mail: info@tritonsistemas.es

    E-mail: SPMExpertise@tritonsistemas.es